The Saturday Kids Tinkering Studio!

Our Saturday Kids Tinkering Studio was specifically designed to encourage independent exploration, creation and tinkering.

Another unique STEM program in Trinidad and Tobago! Coming in September 2017 only at Tinkergarden STEM Discovery Centre!

This Saturday program was created as a space where kids are free to create and design in their own way. It's a STEM program where they can learn through trial, error and exploration. Tinkering really is playing and inventing, so we provide the space needed with opportunities to invent and launch imaginations into overdrive!

The power of tinker spaces is so amazing. Kids get a chance to explore STEM education by building, playing, designing and even your most reluctant child will start to explore and tinker.

Tinkering really opens up a child to the wonder of imagination, critical thinking and it gives an amazing exposure to STEM! I hope you enjoy our tinker space as much as we enjoy providing it. Please CLICK HERE to subscribe to our mailing list for updates and registration information!

Spaces are limited and our mailing list is growing rapidly so click the above link and subscribe NOW!

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