September 30, 2017

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Experience your child's learning as it should be!

February 24, 2017

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Why you need to choose a STEM Camp!


 STEM education in Trinidad and Tobago has spilled into STEM Camps and believe it or not,

July- August camps aren’t just about swimming, outings, arts and crafts, circus and gymnastics any more.

In fact, this July- August, you may want to consider sending your kids to a camp that incorporates critical thinking skills, exploration and discovery with super fun STEM activities.


As we have been sharing for the past few months STEM is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, and we have really gotten our hand messy with it at our STEM Discovery Camps!


Julie and I believe in the importance of incorporating STEM into everyday life scenarios for the participants who register for our camps. Science for example isn’t just a subject that you can put into a box and take it out to teach kids, it really must become a part of their daily lives and STEM camps can help do that. 


In our camps we make learning fun!      


At Tinkergarden we know how to sneak science and math into children's favorite activities — whether that’s discovering the chemistry involved in gummy worms dancing or figuring out the mechanics of a ramp and gears.


Our camps offer a balance between traditional camp activities and learning.


We throw in some physics interspersed with our cooking sessions even during water play, and kids are so amenable to and excited about them. We are both certified in STEM education and we use this training to ensure that the activities we plan for our camps really develop exploration and excitement as well as a desire to inquire long after the camp is over. 

Here is a tip, when you are looking for a July- August camp for your child asks som