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Let’s imagine that you’re going to build a tall, strong house. You’ve selected the perfect site, prepared the ground, and it’s time to start building. Where do you begin? You certainly don’t put the foundation on the 5th floor. So why should we wait until children are 12 years old and entering secondary school to begin engaging in STEM activities?

Knowledge of how children learn has grown substantially over the last few decades. Research has shown that success in learning requires children to be at the center of the experience, making connections across disciplines and also across contextual settings.What you want for your child is a place where they are given opportunities to learn the same material in different settings and through different lenses. The traditional approach of teaching does not support the ways that children learn best.

What we offer is a Reggio-inspired STEM program, one that works well with the Ministry of Education curriculum and our team allow children chances to investigate an idea in a variety of settings. For example, we can take students outside to practice counting real objects that they find, such as rocks, flowers, or leaves corals and shells. Their learning is strengthened when they learn the same skills, ideas, and concepts in different contexts.

So we know that learning becomes more relevant when kids go outside to explore nature. Therefore by asking the right questions, we can help stimulate investigations where they are identifying objects, making comparisons, making predictions, testing ideas, and sharing discoveries, all while observing their natural environment. We encourage them to explore sizes, shapes, patterns, and quantities in the process. In this way, children can learn concepts from different disciplines in different contexts, all in ways that are naturally engaging to them. Visit us today!

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