Preschool Discovery Program

3 years- 5 years

Your preschooler will enjoy an amazing stimulating environment for learning and will develop those critical thinking skills needed for Primary school.

There are no greater natural scientists and engineers then young children. They are inquisitive learners who learn Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math concepts through their explorations and innate inclination to tinker and play. Our high quality early learning environment provides children with the structure in which to build upon their natural instinct to explore, to build, and to question.

While literacy, maths, and much more begin in our Infant and Toddler programs, Primary School Readiness begins at age 3 when we start to hone in on those key skills that are expected of children entering Primary School. We are well aware of the expectations to recognize letters and number, to read sight words, write their names, copy off the board, to know their parents names and address, and to have learning skills and work habits. During preschool, children practice these skills as well as enjoying the STEM learning and critical thinking that is the center of our program.

Areas of Learning:


Independence and Fitness

Social and Creative Development

Cognitive (learning, thinking, problem-solving)

Primary school readiness

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday

7 to 5 pm  

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44 De Verteuil Street, Woodbrook