Online Learning Program

6 months to 7 years

During these unprecedented times of schools being closed, we've got you covered! 

Need a little inspiration to keep them learning? Join us now!

Our Tinkergarden teachers have designed an online curriculum to meet with your child every day to engage them with fun activities.

Online Learning Programme

Online School - 6 months to 7 years

Your child will have access to our weekly schedule of live video sessions with our teachers as they conduct fun and engaging age-appropriate activities on topics such as:


Reading and writing

Math games

Music and movement


Physical education

Arts and Crafts

...and more!

Cost: $500 every 2 weeks. Program being offered from April to September 2020.


How long are the Online School sessions and how frequent? 

The sessions are approximately 20 minutes each. Our trial sessions have revealed that is the most effective length of time for our young learners, and anything longer would not be productive or developmentally appropriate. We have created a weekly schedule in which we conduct between 3 to 4 sessions per day, for varying age groups. Therefore, your particular child would have about 3 or 4 sessions scheduled per week between the hours of 10 am and 3pm. Should you wish to join the sessions for older/younger age groups you do have full access to them, and therefore you could have sessions multiple times per day if you so choose.


How can I pay if I don't have online banking access?

You can now make direct payments through your online banking account, or make payments on PayPal with a credit card and your phone or laptop! Please scroll down for details.


What are the sessions about? Are they lessons? 

We will be continuing our learning-through-play methodology which means that the teachers will be conducting science experiments, playing games, singing songs, reading, and more. Sessions will be fun and engaging, providing educational & stimulating planned activities for the children. Given the distance, the screen interface, and our lack of resources at home, we will be doing our best to keep things light and fun for them. They are too young to be having "lessons"!


What platform will be used?

Unless other logistics arise, we will be utilizing Zoom which can be accessed via mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. Please ensure you are ready to access Zoom before your sessions begin. Zoom passwords will be emailed to all enrolled families and will change on a weekly basis for security purposes. 


Can I rely on the sessions to give me some reprieve to be able to get some work done? 

Yes and no. Young children are not old enough to be responsible with a device, they cannot supervise themselves safely, nor can we possibly assist with supervision through our screens. Please be prepared to attend with your child, knowing that by stimulating them and encouraging their development, we will be helping to satisfy their developmental needs beyond what is available at home right now. We can listen to your needs and provide our feedback on a case by case basis to improve their sleeping habits and routines, thereby allowing you to have some child-free time to do work. Until the pandemic is alleviated, we unfortunately cannot safely offer babysitting services at this time. 


Can a pre-set curriculum be emailed to the parents to be conducted on our own?

As a Reggio-Inspired school, we operate using an emergent (dynamic) curriculum based on our careful observations of the children and their current interests and developmental needs. Therefore, we simply do not have a pre-made curriculum to send you! If you are looking for a list of activities to conduct with your child, our Facebook and Instagram pages are updated regularly with activity inspirations; the National Curriculum Guide for Early Childcare and Education for Trinidad and Tobago is also available online for free; and alternatively there are many homeschooling curriculae available online for free or for a small price. 


What materials will I need for the Online Learning Programme?

We know you may not have much in terms of classroom materials, and frankly neither do we. This unexpected lock down has really challenged us to be creative with what we have. In our weekly email, enrolled students will receive a listing of any materials they should try to keep on hand for their sessions. But if you do not have what is listed, simply follow along by watching our demo and answer any questions to engage in the activity. A good rule of thumb is to stock up on your recycled materials!

How to Enroll

Step 1: Make payment (see below)

Step 2: Confirm payment to receive instructions and weekly schedule

Step 3: Log in to meet & learn!


Once payment is confirmed, we will send you the instructions to access your program. Kindly note that payments are non-refundable.

To ensure your safety during the COVID19 epidemic, we do not encourage going into bank branches. Payments may be made online through your online bank accounts or via Paypal below.

Online Banking Information:

You may make a direct deposit through your online banking. Get our banking information by clicking here.


Please note that payments made via Paypal are in Canadian dollars and must include a 4% service charge. 

Online School:   $500 ttd + 4% = $108 cad

Follow our secure link to log in and complete the transaction. Ensure you are sending the amount listed above in bold. Incorrect amounts may be credited but not refunded.

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